Code review request, 8030842, Intermittent test failure

Xuelei Fan Xuelei.Fan at Oracle.COM
Thu Dec 19 22:36:02 PST 2013

<Resent with complete subject>

Hi Weijun,

Are you available to review this simple test fix?

The bug has not been sync to This test case is used to 
check socket time out.  The server will sleep for 10000MS and then 
write, and client SO_TIMEOUT is set to 3000MS. The client goes with read 
timeout (3000MS), sleep (5000MS), and then try to read something 
(SO_TIMEOUT 3000MS).  Looks like client input stream should be available 
since 3000MS + 5000MS + 3000MS > 10000MS. But it does not consider the 
write time spent in server side.  The test may fail intermittent in some 

Suggest to increase the client sleep time a little bit from 5000MS to 
7500MS, so that there is plenty of time for server to write something.


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