InvocationTargetException when running applet locally

Bernd Eckenfels bernd-2013 at
Fri Oct 18 14:13:11 PDT 2013

Am 18.10.2013, 22:44 Uhr, schrieb Mickey Segal <java3 at>:

> There is nothing here that jumps out to me as something that I can fix,  
> so I will go ahead and file the bug report.  I'll probably wait a day in  
> case anyone else has something important to add.

Yes, looks like a Java bug. One thing you could try is to read the  
property in the init() method instead of the AWT callback. Or you try it  
inside a periveledged context. (Sorry for not trying it myself but you  
have the signing infrastructure set up, so... :)

> It would be nice to have the ability to add comments to a bug report as  
> we did in the Sun era, since then one could add useful information  
> later.  But at least I can post updates to my version at  
> and reference that in the  
> bug report, allowing both the Oracle people and those doing Web searches  
> to find the problem.

Even in the Sun area it was hard to discuss on those bugs. I think it was  
never really intended to.

BTW: I tollay agree. Java "security" "updates" broke appications for us  
multiple times as well. We will never ever consider to use JNLP  
(Appler/WebStart) again. Luckily HTML has become much more powerfull  
lately. This "situation" (and I dont blame Oracle it started in sun times)  
really kills Java on the Desktop.


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