Trusted service?

Wang Weijun at
Wed Aug 13 10:10:27 UTC 2014

Hi All

I'm working on "8038089: TLS optional support for Kerberos cipher suites needs to be re-examine" which will separate the implementation of Kerberos-related TLS ciphersuites from the other TLS codes. I am thinking of defining a ServiceLoader interface called ExternalCipherSuiteProvider inside the TLS module and implement a Krb5CipherSuiteProvider in the JGSS module. Now if the JGSS module is installed, it will be found and thus supports the TLS_KRB5_* ciphersuites.

However, it looks like any application can include an implementation and register it by adding its own $CLASSPATH/META-INF/services line. Is there anyway I can find out which is the "trusted" one? I've looked at some ServiceLoader example inside JDK and it looks like they first load an implementation specified by a system property and then do the ServiceLoader.load() loop. Is that system property meant to provide the "trusted" or "builtin" implementation? I wonder if it still works now because even if we define a system property (or security property), the implementation class will be invisible in a different module.


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