Review Request for 9000142: loading unversioned native shared library

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> On 02/04/2014 04:48 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> > As has already been mentioned on this thread, libraries should have their
> > version increased when the ABI changes. Thus, a or later
> > would indicate a different ABI to what the JDK PCSC code was written for.
> >
> > Now, it may be that the code also works fine with .2, but from my
> > perspective,
> > I'd rather the JDK fail with an error message and someone manually points
> > it
> > at a working .2 (and hopefully gives feedback that it's all good), than
> > the JDK grabs any old version of the library and then crashes when the ABI
> > doesn't match. That not only looks worse, but it's potentially harder to
> > debug as well.
> I still think it's better to remove the dlopen/dlsym machinery and use
> dynamic linking instead.

I've provided that as an option in IcedTea, but it then means that a different PCSC
implementation can't be swapped in.

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