RFR 8059313: Enable keytool NSS test on Mac

Vincent Ryan vincent.x.ryan at oracle.com
Tue Oct 7 07:22:11 UTC 2014

Yes. OSX supports a mechanism to locate (nested) shared libraries using a path relative
to the loading library: @loader_path/…

Running ‘otool -L’ on a shared library shows the linker paths that have been configured. 

On 7 Oct 2014, at 00:10, Wang Weijun <weijun.wang at oracle.com> wrote:

> I'll use your libs.
> Why is DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH not needed here? Some different linking method?
> Thanks
> Max
> On Oct 6, 2014, at 23:54, Vincent Ryan <vincent.x.ryan at oracle.com> wrote:
>> JDK-8059627 now bundles NSS with our PKCS11 testsuite (just like on Windows)
>> I know you have implemented a different solution for locating NSS on Max OSX for your keytool tests.
>> FYI if you switch to using the bundled NSS then you no longer need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.
>> It’s not a big saving but I thought I’d let you know.

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