The future of policytool?

Wang Weijun at
Tue Oct 21 07:47:03 UTC 2014

Hi All

We are defining fine details of JDK module graph and encounter the policytool program. It is now included in JRE and depends on the java.desktop module. Our understanding is that very few people is using the tool but we are not sure how it is used. Therefore I am writing this mail asking for your suggestions on the future of it.

Are you (or someone else you know) still using it? If yes, do you use it from JRE or JDK? Is it a must for you?

Even if you are not using it, any feedback is still welcomed.

- Do you think it should stay in JRE?

- Or should it stay in JDK? Do you want it in jdk/bin?

- Or do you think the function should be a part of IDE and not in JDK?

- Or do you think it's just useless?


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