Code Review Request, 8136410 AlgorithmDecomposer is not parsing padding correctly

Amy Lu at
Mon Dec 7 12:23:53 UTC 2015

Hi, Xuelei


   line36     private final static String PATH = 
System.getProperty("test.src", ".");

It seems that this line could be removed.


On 12/7/15 7:08 PM, Xuelei Fan wrote:
> Hi Brad,
> Please review this fix for JDK-8136410:
> AlgorithmDecomposer cannot parse "Padding" string properly as 'in' is
> used as a String split separator.  "NoPadding" was incorrectly split as
> "NoPadd" and "g".
> This update update the slit String split pattern, and "Padding" get
> specially handled.
> Thanks,
> Xuelei

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