[9] RFR:8130360: Add tests to verify 3rd party security providers if they are in signed/unsigned modular JARs

Valerie Peng valerie.peng at oracle.com
Mon Dec 7 23:15:33 UTC 2015


I have just started to review this webrev and not done yet.
As for your question, the java.security file in OpenJDK9 still uses the 
provider class names instead of provider names. Are you talking about 
the java.security file in Jigsaw? Which build (OpenJDK or Jigsaw) have 
you tested against. I am pretty sure that I tested the 3rd party 
provider on classpath setting when I worked on the 7191662 changes.

Supposedly, if the jar files are available on class path, then you 
should specify its full *class name* in the java.security file for it to 
be instantiated. Otherwise, how would it find the class? Only the 
classes discovered by ServiceLoader can be identified using the provider 
name (which is different from the class name referred above). So, in 
your scenario, that would be "provider.TestJCEProvider" instead of "TEST".

If you still run into problems, try enable the java security debug flag 
and u should get a good  idea why it isn't loaded. Let me know if you 
still have questions.


On 11/30/2015 6:47 AM, Sibabrata Sahoo wrote:
> I would like to know more about this. As far, I can see the "java.security" provider configuration available with JDK9, it holds provider names instead of provider class names. In that case how it resolve the fall back?
> Thanks,
> Siba
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> On 30/11/2015 11:13, Sibabrata Sahoo wrote:
>> Here is the updated webrev:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~asmotrak/siba/8130360/webrev.02/
>> I have one question:
>> What should be the behavior when the older version of 3rd party JCE provider jar file(without service descriptor "META-INF/services/*"&  working with<= JDK8) configured by "java.security" file, will be place in CLASS_PATH, running through JDK9 and the client is using Security.getProvider() to look for the provider?
>> Currently the scenario fails to find the JCE provider. Is this right behavior? If it is, then jdk9 is not backward compatible to find the security provider provided through older jar files from CLASS_PATH.
> The JCE work in JDK 9 (via JDK-7191662) was meant to address this point by falling back and attempting to load the class name specified via the security.provider.<N>  properties in the java.security file. I'm sure Valerie can say more about this.
> -Alan

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