[9] Review request: JDK-8129595: New DTLS tests need @modules

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Wed Jun 24 10:52:12 UTC 2015

On 24/06/2015 11:29, Konstantin Shefov wrote:
> Alan,
> Do the tests form "test/javax/net/ssl/DTLS" compile against jake? They 
> have just the same dependencies as "test/javax/net/ssl/TLS" and the 
> TEST.properties file just like one suggested in this fix.
> If yes, it is not worth changing TEST.properties any more.
Alexander Kulyakhtin has been working on a tool that uses jdeps to get 
the dependences of each test. It's not in OpenJDK yet but I'm sure he 
can help you get the @modules right for these tests.


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