JEP 287: SHA-3 Hash Algorithms

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Hello Valerie,

Yes that is what I was trying to say. :) However I dont know if this is clear to everybody else.

It confused me, since most of the example testcases in the linked standard are BIT aligned, only the Validation subproject mentions the possibility of a byte mode. But I guess if the distinction is normal it does not need to be documented. On the other hand, it does not hurt to add it to the non-goals.



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Existing security/crypto APIs in JDK are all BYTE constrained. So, the 
implementation will be "BYTE-only".
Are you suggesting to explicitly mention in the SHA-3 JEP that these 
algorithm impl will be "BYTE-only"?

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> Hello,
> Just noticed, the validation program allows BIT- or BYTE-only APIs, the existing ones are all BYTE constrained. That would be a good definition in the JEP:
> Gruss
> Bernd

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