Re: [9] RFR 8134487:updated sun/security/ssl/StatusStapling/* to work with modules

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Feb 18 09:16:44 UTC 2016

On 18/02/2016 02:44, Tim Du wrote:
> I grep the files which are using CertificateBuilder and 
> SimpleOCSPServer from jake/jdk/test,  the result as below:
> - javax/net/ssl/Stapling/
> - javax/net/ssl/Stapling/
> - javax/net/ssl/Stapling/
> Above three tests are not using the internal and non-public class , 
> They could pass now.No need to update.
> - sun/security/ssl/StatusStapling/
>  This one is in ProblemList.jake now, it could be fixed by this code 
> review.
> So I think everything about CertificateBuilder and SimpleOCSPServer is 
> caught.Thank you.
The issue that I'm concerned about is that the Stapling tests are using 
test infrastructure that is moved by your patch. There are also other 
tests that seem to depend on this infrastructure. Would it be possible 
to start with an empty work directory and run the :jdk_security test 
group? I think that is the easiest way to catch these issues. It may be 
that the simplest thing is to not move the infrastructure but instead 
change the test driver to use @library.


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