Code Review Request, JDK-8185576 : New handshake implementation

Xuelei Fan at
Sat Dec 16 04:20:51 UTC 2017


Please review the change:

This fix is trying to re-org the TLS handshaking implementation in the 
SunJSSE provider.

The handshaking process in TLS 1.3 is lot different from that of TLS 
1.2.  For TLS 1.3 implementation, it is not straightforward any more to 
use the existing state machines for TLS 1.2.   For example, in TLS 
specification, the handshake message must be delivered in strict order. 
The handshake message order in TLS 1.3 protocol is re-designed and 
significant different from that of TLS 1.2.  If we re-use the state 
machine for TLS 1.3 and 1.2 and previous versions, the state machine 
becomes very complicated and hard to maintain.

We are consider to simplify the handshake implementation by:
1. Use difference handshake handler for different TLS versions.
2. Improved message driven handler for different handshake messages.

The basic ideas for the simplification look like:
1. message/even driving handshake processing model.
An actor is a stateless service that is used to consume an input 
message, or produce output message, or both.
        message A             message B
      --------------> Actor A ------------> Actor B

2. immutable actor and centralized states.
Handshake states are represent in context objects (ConnectionContext), 
and the context object is passed to each actor.  An actor can update the 
state in the context object accordingly.  At the same time, an actor's 
behavior may be different for different states.
       message A                  message B
    --------------> Actor A -------------------------->  Actor B
       Context               Context [Actor A updated]

3. dynamical actor hierarchical structure
The actor hierarchical structure is flexible and can be dynamically 
updated if needed.

      message A                   message B
    --------------> Actor A ----------------------------> ...
    (Context)       |    (Context [Actor A updated])   ^
                    |                                  |
                    | Add Actor C between A and B      |
                    | [Optional]                       |

     ... <optional>        Message C
     [ Actor C --------------------------> ] Actor B
               (Context [Actor B updated]

4. consumer and producer
The consumer/producer pattern is used to consume input messages, and 
produce output messages.

     message A                                message B
   ------------> Consumer A    Producer B ------------------->
    (Context)    |                  ^  (Context [Consumer A updated])
                 |                  |
                 | Add Producer B   |

                   message A
   Producer A -----------------------> Consumer A  -------------------->
       |         (Context)             ^  (Context [Producer A updated])
       |                               |
       | Add consumer B                |

In this implementation, I removed:
1. the extended master secret extension
I will add it back soon.

2. the KRB5 cipher suite implementation.
I'm not very sure KRB5 cipher suites are still used in practice.  Please 
let me know if you still using KRB5 cipher suite.  I may not add these 
cipher suite back unless it is necessary.

3. OCSP stapling
This feature will be added back later.

As this re-org is for TLS 1.3, so it contains a few draft skeleton for 
TLS 1.3.  I will file these parts when doing the TLS 1.3 implementation.

Please don't be hesitate if you have any questions.


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