hello, im a new contributor

Philipp Kunz philipp.kunz at paratix.ch
Fri Sep 1 12:15:53 UTC 2017

Hello Vincent

Thank you for sponsoring!
So far, I have become a contributor by signing the OCA which has been 
accepted. Dalibor Topic wrote that he can confirm and it's also here: 
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/community/oca-486395.html#p -> Paratix 
Therefore I think I have followed the steps in 
http://openjdk.java.net/contribute/ at least the ones before actual 
patch submission.

Currently, I'm working on getting the existing test cases running 
locally. Unfortunately, I started with jdk 9 and switched to 10 now. I 
figured these commands run at least the relevant tests with 9 and hope 
this also applies to 10:
make run-test-tier1
make run-test TEST="jdk/test"
they report errors and failures but it hasn't been completed and 
released which might explain it. If I run the tests I assume relevant 
for my patch
make run-test TEST="jtreg:jdk/test/sun/security/tools/jarsigner 
then it reports zero errors and failures which may be a good starting point.
Do you think that sounds reasonable or do you have another suggestion 
how to run the tests?

Next, I will add a test for JDK-6695402 before actually fixing it. As an 
example, I'll try something in the style of 
This way, I try to demonstrate the improvement.

I guess I have identified the following line as the cause: value = new 
String(vb, 0, 0, vb.length);
So I'll try to remove it first including the whole four line if block.


On 01.09.2017 10:00, Vincent Ryan wrote:
> Hello Philipp,
> I’m happy to sponsor your fix for JDK 10. Have you followed these 
> steps: http://openjdk.java.net/contribute/ ?
> Thanks.
>> On 1 Sep 2017, at 08:58, Vincent Ryan <vincent.x.ryan at oracle.com 
>> <mailto:vincent.x.ryan at oracle.com>> wrote:
>> Moved to security-dev
>>> On 1 Sep 2017, at 08:28, Philipp Kunz <philipp.kunz at paratix.ch 
>>> <mailto:philipp.kunz at paratix.ch>> wrote:
>>> Hello everyone
>>> I have been developing with Java for around 17 years now and when I 
>>> encountered some bug I decided to attempt to fix it: 
>>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-6695402. This also looks 
>>> like it may not be too big a piece for a first contribution.
>>> I read through quite some guides and all kinds of documents but 
>>> could not yet help myself with the following questions:
>>> May I login to jira to add comments to bugs? If so, how would I 
>>> request or receive credentials? Or are mailing lists preferred?
>>> Another question is whether I should apply it to jdk9, but it may be 
>>> too late now, or to jdk10, and backporting can be considered later. 
>>> Probably it wouldn't even make much a difference for the patch itself.
>>> One more question I have is how or where to find the sources from 
>>> before migration to mercurial. Because some lines of code I intend 
>>> to change go back farther and in the history I find only 'initial 
>>> commit'. With such a history I might be able better to understand 
>>> why it's there and prevent to make the same mistake again.
>>> I guess the appropriate mailing list for above mentioned bug is 
>>> security-dev. Is it correct that I can send a patch there and just 
>>> hope for some sponsor to pick it up? Of course I'd be glad if some 
>>> sponsor would contact me and maybe provide some assistance or if 
>>> someone would confirm that sending a patch to the mailing list is 
>>> the right way to find a sponsor.
>>> Philipp Kunz

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