Code Review Request, JDK-8208166, Still unable to use custom SSLEngine with default TrustManagerFactory after JDK-8207029

Xuelei Fan at
Mon Jul 30 17:57:10 UTC 2018

Hi Norman,

Would you mind look at the code I posted in the following thread:

I appreciate if you could have a test by the end of this week.

Note that with this update, a complete TLS connection should close both 
inbound and outbound explicitly.  However, existing applications may not 
did this way.  If the source code update is not available, please 
consider to use the "jdk.tls.acknowledgeCloseNotify" as a workaround.


On 7/25/2018 11:22 PM, Norman Maurer wrote:
> Just FYI… I tested this patch via the netty ssl tests and we no longer 
> see the class-cast-exception problems I reported before dso I think this 
> solves the issue.
> That said we still encounter a few test-failures for tests that test 
> behaviour of closing outbound of the SSLEngine but I think these are 
> more related to 
> and 
> .
> Bye
> Norman
>> On 25. Jul 2018, at 20:30, Xuelei Fan < at 
>> < at>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please review the update for JDK-8208166:
>> <>
>> Thanks,
>> Xuelei

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