SSLEngine weird behavior in 11+21?

Xuelei Fan at
Mon Jul 30 18:08:39 UTC 2018

Hi Simone,

Would you mind look at the code I posted in the following thread:

I'm trying to address the close concerns of yours.  I appreciate if you 
could comment by the end of this week.

Note that with this update, a complete TLS connection should close both 
inbound and outbound explicitly.  However, existing applications may not 
did this way.  If the source code update is not available, please 
consider to use the "jdk.tls.acknowledgeCloseNotify" System Property as 
a workaround.


On 7/13/2018 9:19 AM, Simone Bordet wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 3:45 PM Xuelei Fan < at> wrote:
>> Thank you very much, Simone.  I find at least two improvements we can
>> take.  It's really good!
> Great!
> Let know when they land in a 11+X release and we'll try them out.
> Thanks!

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