Initial TLSv1.3 implementation Released to the Open Sandbox.

Bradford Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Fri May 11 23:53:11 UTC 2018

Development of the TLSv1.3 protocol has been underway within the IETF 
TLS Working Group for several years.  After 28 revisions, the resulting 
Internet-Draft [1] has finally reached the RFC Editor's Desk, and is 
close to release as an RFC.

We've also been actively working on a TLSv1.3 implementation for the 
JDK.  We've placed our work so far into the OpenJDK "open sandbox" [2] 
so that you see what's happening.  (See the Mercurial branch 

If you're not familiar with OpenJDK sandbox/branches, please see Chris 
Hegarty's "JDK Sandbox Development Repository" [3].  His page provides 
details of the OpenJDK sandbox/branches, but here's a quick primer if 
you just want to get to the source quickly:

     % hg clone sandbox
     % cd sandbox
     % hg update -r JDK-8145252-TLS13-branch

The current branch includes the TLSv1.3 implementation, plus a snapshot 
of the RSASSA-PSS code [4] from PKCS#1 v2.2, which is being done under 
JDK-8190180 [5].

I've also placed a webrev on CR [6].

Please note well: this branch is under very active development and is 
not final by any means.  Also note: by releasing this code, we are not 
committing a specific release or timeframe.  We will continue 
development and fixing bugs until the code is ready for inclusion in the 

Have a look around, and of course, we welcome your feedback.



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