Stateless session resumption for TLS 1.3 with enableSessionTicketExtension?

raell at raell at
Tue Dec 17 12:53:51 UTC 2019

Hi Tony,

thank you for the clarification.

Btw: If I'm not mistaken, the new System properties for stateless session resumption are not included in the documentation (Table 8-3) so far. If they should be added there at a later time, maybe, your clarification for TLS 1.3 could be incorporated there? 


On 12/16/2019 3:20 PM, Anthony Scarpino wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> in Java 13 the new System properties jdk.tls.client.enableSessionTicketExtension and jdk.tls.server.enableSessionTicketExtension were introduced. In TLS 1.2 and prior these properties support stateful session resumption according to RFC 5077.
>> In TLS 1.3, however, there is no SessionTicketExtension and it isn't clear from the description [1] what impact jdk.tls.server.enableSessionTicketExtension has in case of a TLS 1.3 connection.
>> Question 1: Does a Java server perform on a TLS 1.3 connection a stateless resp. stateful session resumption, if
>> jdk.tls.server.enableSessionTicketExtension is set to true resp. false?


>> Question 2: Does the content of the NewSessionTicket message in TLS 1.3 depend on the value of jdk.tls.server.enableSessionTicketExtension?



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