Jarsigner Fails To Verify Signed By Alias If Alias Given In Wrong Case

Philipp Kunz philipp.kunz at paratix.ch
Wed Feb 20 12:41:14 UTC 2019


When signing a jarfile the specified alias is converted by JavaKeyStore
(storetype JKS) to lower case.
When verifying the jarfile with the same alias, it is currently not
converted by JKS to lower case and jarsigner reports that the jar is
not signed by the alias even after having just signed it with that same
alias if not all characters are in lower case.

I found no statement in the documentation that an alias would support
only lower case or which characters could be used. It could, however,
be worth noting in the documentation of JavaKeyStore or the keytool
that the alias can be changed by the keystore in certain circumstances.
In my opinion, it feels like a bug that aliases are treated differently
when signing and verifying with respect to their upper and lower case.

Find a patch attached. Some explanations, just in case not too obvious

- The jarsigner never changed the upper and lower cases of aliases
itself and neither does with the patch. That is now delegated to the
keystore implementation not only for signing but in addition also for
verifying. The fix is therefore not JSK-specific.
- I assume it is correct that the if (store != null) check and the try
catch KeyStoreException can both be moved outside the for loop over the
certificates because before as well as now with the patch the result
was alway 0 if store was null and KeyStoreException can happen only
when loading the keystore, which is certainly true for JKS.
- storeHash is used only by printCert and inKeyStoreForOneSigner and
contains the aliases as values enclosed in parentheses "(" and ")"
which is how it is printed by printCert. It would have probably been
easier to add the parentheses only later in printCert but then I tried
to change as little as possible.
- Two pairs of "result |= " statements were duplicate. Therefore there
are the two methods in the test which show that both actually failed
with "ckaliases.contains" being the offending piece of code. In the
patch I refactored to recombine them.
- I really wonder how "result |= SIGNED_BY_ALIAS;" should be set for
any certificate c and not only the one an alias in ckaliases points at
but I guess that is another story if one at all and might have come
from filling storeHash with all certificates and not only the ones in
ckaliases or so.
- At first glance it might look like a mistake that "alias" is not used
inside the loop over ckaliases but instead of comparing "alias" in
lower case to ckaliases with unspecified case, the certificate c is now
compared to the one gotten from the keystore handling the alias case in
its own way.

Would someone sponsor this fix or can/should it be improved?

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