RFR: 8248268: Support KWP in addition to KW [v7]

Valerie Peng valeriep at openjdk.java.net
Tue May 25 19:57:42 UTC 2021

On Fri, 14 May 2021 00:33:12 GMT, Valerie Peng <valeriep at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> This change updates SunJCE provider as below:
>> - updated existing AESWrap support with AES/KW/NoPadding cipher transformation. 
>> - added support for AES/KWP/NoPadding and AES/KW/PKCS5Padding.
>> Existing AESWrap impl, i.e. AESWrapCipher class, is re-factored and renamed to KeyWrapCipher class. The W and W_inverse functions are moved to KWUtil class. The KW and KWP support are in the new AESKeyWrap and AESKeyWrapPadded classes which extend FeedbackCipher and used in KeyWrapCipher class. To minimize data copying, AESKeyWrap and AESKeyWrapPadded will do the crypto operation over the same input buffer which is allocated and managed by KeyWrapCipher class. 
>> Also note that existing AESWrap impl does not take IV. However, the corresponding PKCS#11 mechanisms do, so I added support for accepting IVs to both KW and KWP.
>> Thanks,
>> Valerie
> Valerie Peng has updated the pull request with a new target base due to a merge or a rebase. The pull request now contains seven commits:
>  - Merge master into JDK-8248268
>  - Minor update to address review comments.
>  - Changed AESParameters to allow 4-byte, 8-byte IVs and removed
>    KWParameters and KWPParameters.
>  - Refactor code to reduce code duplication
>    Address review comments
>    Add more test vectors
>  - Changed AlgorithmParameters impls to register under AES/KW/NoPadding and
>    AES/KWP/NoPadding
>  - Restored Iv algorithm parameters impl.
>  - 8248268: Support KWP in addition to KW
>    Updated existing AESWrap support with AES/KW/NoPadding cipher
>    transformation. Added support for AES/KWP/NoPadding and
>    AES/KW/PKCS5Padding support to SunJCE provider.

Current impl takes account into RFC 3394 (Sept 2002), RFC 5649 (Aug 2009), NIST 800-38F (Dec 2012) and PKCS#11 v3.0 Current Mech Spec (June 2020) and tries to support them all. If solely basing on RFC 3394/5649, then AES KW and KWP cipher should just supports key wrap/unwrap but not enc/dec. The main reason that I added the support for alternative iv and enc/dec is more for NIST 800-38F which states that KW/KWP can be used for general data protection as well and PKCS#11 v3.0 which lists 3 mechanisms mapping to java's AES using KW, AES using KW and PKCS5Padding and AES using KWP. These 3 mechanisms supports all 4, i.e. enc/dec/wrap/unwrap, as well custom IVs (8-byte for KW and 4-byte for KWP). Naming can be a very subjective matter and putting it aside, I don't see why KW and KWP should not allow custom IVs? Isn't hardcoded values less secure or fragile in general?


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/2404

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