JEP 411: Disable warning message with flag?

Chapman Flack chap at
Mon May 31 17:08:50 UTC 2021

On 05/31/21 12:45, Chapman Flack wrote:
> allow-until-degraded. In 17, that would be treated as allow, but with
> the warning suppressed. In 17+n, wherever functional degradation starts,
> it should become equivalent to disallow.
> ...
> the future "degradation", but commit to one easily-detected "degradation"
> that will happen no later than any other. Maybe it could be
> getSecurityManager()=null, for example, which is easier to test than

Ok, that was a small thinko. As long as allow-until-degraded becomes
equivalent to disallow as soon as any degradation starts, then catching
the exception from setSecurityManager will be a perfectly reliable way
to detect the degradation. :)


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