RFR: 8273977: Reduce unnecessary BadPaddingExceptions in RSAPadding

Dalibor Topic robilad at openjdk.java.net
Wed Nov 3 19:03:24 UTC 2021

On Mon, 20 Sep 2021 09:35:57 GMT, Lari Hotari <duke at openjdk.java.net> wrote:

>> ### Motivation
>> When profiling an application that uses JWT token authentication, it was noticed that a high number of `javax.crypto.BadPaddingException`s were created. When investigating the code in RSAPadding, one can see that BadPaddingException is created in all cases, also on the success path:
>> https://github.com/openjdk/jdk/blob/dc7f452acbe3afa5aa6e31d316bd5e669c86d6f6/src/java.base/share/classes/sun/security/rsa/RSAPadding.java#L369-L375
>> ### Modifications
>> Inline the unnecessary local variable to prevent creating the exception on the success path.
> For anyone interested, there's an explanation of the [Bleichenbacher's CCA attack on PKCS#1 v1.5 on Stackexchange](https://crypto.stackexchange.com/questions/12688/can-you-explain-bleichenbachers-cca-attack-on-pkcs1-v1-5). The original paper is ["Chosen Ciphertext Attacks Against Protocols Based on the RSA Encryption Standard PKCS #1" ](http://archiv.infsec.ethz.ch/education/fs08/secsem/bleichenbacher98.pdf).
> The reason for constant time is to not leak information about a possible bad padding to the attacker based on the difference in response time between a valid and bad padding. The attacker can use this information to narrow the search to find the pre-master secret.

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PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/5581

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