Integrated: 8254267: javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ failed with "RuntimeException: Unexpected log output:"

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Thu Oct 14 14:41:59 UTC 2021

On Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:49:57 GMT, Jaikiran Pai <jpai at> wrote:

> The commit here tries to address an intermittent failure reported in
> The `LogParameters` test case sets the log level to `ALL` for the `java.lang.String.class` and then attaches a handler to it. It then proceeds to write out a log message at `DEBUG` level and expects the log message to have been delivered to the handler.  This should all work fine and does work fine except for those intermittent failures.
> Looking at the output attached in that JBS issue, there's this:
> command: main LogParameters
> reason: Assumed action based on file name: run main LogParameters
> Mode: agentvm 
> which states that the test is using `agentvm` mode, since the test itself doesn't specify a specific mode. For a test like this one which deals with log level management of `java.util.logging` infrastructure, in theory, there are chances that some other tests within the same JVM instance might impact the output and can potentially contribute to intermittent failures like this one.
> The commit in this PR tries to address that issue by explicitly running the test in `othervm` mode.
> P.S: Every once in a while my logins to JBS don't work and if I just wait for a few hours, things get sorted on its own. Today is one such occasion - successful login, but it still shows me as logged out and doesn't allow me to do anything. So I decided to directly create this PR instead of first commenting there.

This pull request has now been integrated.

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8254267: javax/xml/crypto/dsig/ failed with "RuntimeException: Unexpected log output:"

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