RFR: 8304846: Provide a shared utility to dump generated classes defined via Lookup API [v2]

Mandy Chung mchung at openjdk.org
Fri Mar 24 23:00:12 UTC 2023

> This implements a shared utility to dump generated classes defined as normal/hidden classes via `Lookup` API.   This replaces the implementation in `LambdaMetaFactory` and method handle implementation that dumps the hidden class bytes on disk for debugging.   
> For classes defined via `Lookup::defineClass`, `Lookup::defineHiddenClass` and `Lookup::defineHiddenClassWithClassData`, by default they will be dumped to the path specified in `-Djava.lang.invoke.Lookup.dumpClasses=<dumpDir>` 
> The hidden classes generated for lambdas, `LambdaForms` and method handle implementation use non-default dumper so that they can be controlled via a separate system property and path as in the current implementation.
> To dump lambda proxy classes, set this system property:
>    -Djdk.internal.lambda.dumpProxyClasses=<dumpDir>
> To dump LambdaForms and method handle implementation, set this system property:
>    -Djava.lang.invoke.MethodHandle.DUMP_CLASS_FILES=true
> P.S. `ProxyClassesDumper` is renamed to `ClassFileDumper` but for some reason, it's not shown as rename.

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