RFR: 8319332: Security properties files inclusion

Martin Balao mbalao at openjdk.org
Fri Nov 3 19:11:02 UTC 2023

On Fri, 3 Nov 2023 05:42:56 GMT, Alan Bateman <alanb at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> Checking for _file_ in the URL scheme is not conclusive evidence that there is a local file path behind. I'll give a couple of examples. In Unix/Linux platforms, an URL of the form `file://example.com/path/to/some/file.txt` is processed with a remote FTP request (see Unix `sun.net.www.protocol.file.Handler`). In Windows, file URLs may be interpreted as UNCs but, if not possible, there is an FTP fallback (see Windows `sun.net.www.protocol.file.Handler`). While checking the host name in the URL is possible, there are three types of drawbacks: 1) a DNS query during the Security class initialization process should be avoided, 2) looking for hardcoded host names such as _localhost_ might lead to false negatives (i.e. a host is considered remote when it is not), and 3) there will be platform-specific and duplicated logic to deal with UNC file URLs. In addition, OpenJDK supports ill-formed relative path file URLs such as `file:some/relative/path`. In these cases, there is not a host name
  but there is a local file path underneath (relative to the current working directory). We did not find normative elements in [RFC 8089](https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc8089) for all previously described behaviors, that would have been helpful for a URL-based check. Misinterpreting a file URL as remote will unnecessarily block the possibility of relative path includes.
>> We think that `FileURLConnection` is the most accurate indicator of a local file path because it includes the decision logic that is specific to OpenJDK and varies depending on the platform.
>> Checking for file in the URL scheme is not conclusive evidence that there is a local file path behind. I'll give a couple of examples.
> With NFS and other other remote file systems then you can never tell either. Some of us have been wanting the ftp fallback go away, it comes up every few years.
> My concern is creating dependency on a protocol handler implementation, we should make sure that all other options are explored before going there.

Retrieving a remote file while initializing the Security class is not ideal in terms of latency, but it's a user decision in the end. In fact, UNC paths may be remote and we handle them. The same is true for NFS, as you said. Our concern is not files being remote per-se but the fact that resolving a relative path to a base has to be well defined, which is possible when the base is also a Path. Incidentally, URLs with schemes such as _https_ are also confusing because the security properties used for the TLS connection would depend on where you include the file.

With that said, we also see the benefits of removing the dependency on FileURLConnection. We will make the change, just wanted to note that Path.of(URI.create(...)) will be sub-optimal in terms of what could be seen as a Path and, thus, in relative includes support. In concrete, we identified the following cases:

1) File URLs such as `file://localhost/absolute/path`
 1.1) In Linux, Path.of(URI.create(...)) throws an IllegalArgumentException. 
 1.2) In Windows, Path.of(URI.create(...)) is handled as an UNC path when, per RFC 8089, should have been a local one.
2) Non-conformant file URLs such as `file:///C|/Users/User` (Windows), `file:////?/C:/Users/User` (Windows), or `file://~/absolute/path` (Windows, Linux).
3) Non-conformant file URLs such as `file:relative/path`.
4) Non-conformant file URLs that have a query part, such as `file:///absolute/path?param=value`.

Notice that URL.openConnection() handles all of the previous cases, and returns a FileURLConnection with an underlying local File. For <span>#</span>1 we think that these could be issues in RFC 8089 conformance —particularly in Linux— that are worth exploring at some point (see sun.nio.fs.UnixUriUtils::fromUri and sun.nio.fs.WindowsUriSupport::fromUri). For <span>#</span>2, <span>#</span>3 and <span>#</span>4 we can add an extra check and do some massaging but, as these are non-conformant file URLs, it is not a big deal.


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