debugd options should regard to jhsdb style

坂本 統 sakamoto.osamu at
Thu May 9 08:33:22 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I want to use `jhsdb debugd` on my laptop.
However debugd mode has different options from other modes.
I think debugd should have same options like other modes.

For example, `jhsdb debugd <pid>` should be `jhsdb debugd --pid <pid>`.
Also I added `--serverid` option for serverid.

I attached a patch for this enhancement.
This patch passes serviceability/sa jtreg tests.

Testcase for debugd is available as serviceability/sa/sadebugd/ .
However it has been disabled by JDK-8163805.
It will be fixed by Yasumasa Suenaga (ysuenaga) after my proposal has been merged.

Could you help? I want to contribute it. I need a sponsor.
(My company has signed to OCA (NTT Comware Corporation))



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