reviewer attribution

Roland Westrelin rwestrel at
Tue Nov 17 08:58:51 UTC 2020

Hi Skara Developers,

My experience with Skara has so far been painless. Thanks for the great

I noticed one of my PRs has 3 reviewers listed on the right hand size
under "reviewers" but a single one listed in the comments. Only that one
reviewer has approved the change with the github web interface. Change
is cleared for integration so I could push it without proper reviewer
attribution. I tried the /reviewer command to force the system to record
the 2 other reviewers but that doesn't help.

To me, this feels like a step backward from what we had with mercurial
where we were in full control of the reviewer list. There's a risk that
even careful developers could push a change without proper reviewer
attribution. Also, in the openjdk project, we largely trust developers
for doing the right thing. In that spirit, allowing the /reviewer
command full power on the reviewer list would make sense for the rare
case where it's obvious the change is good to go but someone hasn't
explicitly approved it. I feel it's better than having to chase all
reviewers to have them click a button or integrating a change without
all involved reviewers credited.

The PR is:

but I emailed reviewers that were not credited to ask them to approve
the change so the reviewer list is in the process of being "fixed".


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