The bot doesn't add commit comment to the JMH issues

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Thu Sep 22 18:55:59 UTC 2022

On 9/22/22 15:32, Guoxiong Li wrote:
> Actually I can't confirm whether it is necessary. So I post this email to discuss with you.
> If Aleksey Shipilev, the maintainer of the JMH, confirm we need to do that,
> I will file the SKARA admin task for this.

Yes, it would be nice we could handle this better.

One solution is allowing bots to close the issue automatically after a manual merge.

But, stepping back a bit, the root cause for these projects is that when the repo owner (me in case 
of JMH) needs to /integrate "directly", it is not possible to do so, because bots require reviews, 
and GitHub does not accept self-reviews.

Allowing zero reviews is a no-go, because it allows committer to integrate without review. If it was 
possible to have the "whitelist" of users who can integrate directly, then people like me can just 
add themselves to it and use the regular /integrate. Maybe there is such an option already, and I 
just missed it.


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