Distinguish changes that require review in personal pull request overview

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Tue Sep 19 07:56:24 UTC 2023


I have a proposal for a small improvement of

I am using github.com/pulls as worklist for my daily todos.
With the new added "approval" label I now can see
in this list for which pull requests I requested approval, and, with
the "ready" label, whether I got the approval.

What I can not distinguish are changes that require
a review and those that got a review.  In both cases
there is the red "rfr" label.  Thus, I daily open all the
pull requests and check whether they got a review.

Is it possible to add a label that indicates that a pull
request has been reviewed as required?
Maybe the "rfr" label could be changed in colour
(grey?) once there is a sufficient amount of reviews?

Then I can see in the list which pull request are
ready for the approval request.
Or did a miss something and this is already possible?

Best regards,

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