SKARA-2019 and dependent pull requests

Zhao Song at
Wed Sep 27 16:44:42 UTC 2023

Hi Goetz,

Maybe it’s a bug in the maintainer approval feature.

The skara bot would determine whether this pr needs maintainer approval by checking whether merging into the target branch needs maintainer approval.

In this case, we only configured that merging into master branch of jdk21u needs maintainer approval, however, for dependent pull requests, the target branch is pr/XXX.

I will try to fix it.

Thank you,

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Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 08:21
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Subject: SKARA-2019 and dependent pull requests
Hi Erik and Kevin,

How does SKARA-2019/21 handle dependent pull requests?

The change is not marked for approval.
Is this on purpose or just not yet implemented?

If there is a needed follow up fix, I as a maintainer only approve the
underlying change after approving the follow up to make
sure they can both be pushed at the same time.
So I would have expected the above PR to be marked
as ready for approval.

Best regards,

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