[aarch64-port-dev ] RFR: 8216557 Aarch64: Add support for Concurrent Class Unloading

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Fri Mar 27 12:36:41 UTC 2020

On 3/26/20 10:42 PM, Stuart Monteith wrote:
>         BarrierSetAssembler::nmethod_entry_barrier
>         This method emits the barrier code. In internal review it was suggested
> the "dmb( ISHLD )" should be replaced by "membar(LoadLoad)". I've not
> done this as the BarrierSetNMethod code checks the exact instruction
> sequence, and I prefer to be explicit.

I understand, but LoadLoad is the semantics you need, and it's more important
to say that. The mere existence of verification code shouldn't determine
how you express the runtime code.

I'll do a thorough review later.

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