(help)Mark stack overflow in JDK11

Roy Zhang roy.sunny.zhang007 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 11:44:56 UTC 2022

Dear ZGC experts,

Currently we have JVM crash issue caused by Mark stack overflow, and need
to increase ZMarkStacksMax (default value is 8G), but even if I increase it
to 16G (or even 24G), we still have this issue.

1. Could u please kindly let me know how to troubleshoot the Mark stack
overflow issue? Is it caused by too many live objects?
2. If I have to stuck on JDK11(as we know,  ZMarkStacksMax is deprecated in
JDK12 via dynamic base address for mark stack space), will it help if we
switch to G1GC or Shenandoah GC?

Really appreciate ur great help!


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