(help)Mark stack overflow in JDK11

Erik Osterlund erik.osterlund at oracle.com
Sat Apr 23 18:49:14 UTC 2022

Hi Roy,

I wonder how large is the heap size?
I also wonder if you had the chance to try JDK 17? Quite a few things have changed in this area since 11.


> On 23 Apr 2022, at 13:45, Roy Zhang <roy.sunny.zhang007 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear ZGC experts,
> Currently we have JVM crash issue caused by Mark stack overflow, and need
> to increase ZMarkStacksMax (default value is 8G), but even if I increase it
> to 16G (or even 24G), we still have this issue.
> 1. Could u please kindly let me know how to troubleshoot the Mark stack
> overflow issue? Is it caused by too many live objects?
> 2. If I have to stuck on JDK11(as we know,  ZMarkStacksMax is deprecated in
> JDK12 via dynamic base address for mark stack space), will it help if we
> switch to G1GC or Shenandoah GC?
> Really appreciate ur great help!
> Thanks,
> Roy

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