Public review of rearchitected front-end type annotations pipeline

Werner Dietl wdietl at
Fri May 9 20:48:36 UTC 2014

>> two quick questions:
>> - I don't see "Stress" anywhere in the patch. Is that test case included?
> Apologies, got left out by accident.  That has been corrected.

Would it be better to write that test in the "referenceinfos" style?
At the moment Stress just makes sure that all the different syntax
elements work, which other tests in "newlocations" also do. It's not
clear which of the examples in Stress previously worked and which
The "referenceinfos" style of tests would also make sure that the
generated bytecode contains the correct type annotations.

>> - Is there a reason to not use @Deprecated for the classes/methods
>> that will be removed?
> There are still some uses of the deprecated code, which will produce
> warnings.  Since javac is required to compile with -Werror, we can't
> have warnings.

Ok, then I just make them @Deprecated locally to make it easier to
find my uses of these methods.

>> Is this a good time to adapt the Checker Framework to these changes or
>> should I wait for patch 3?
> You should be fine.  Patch 3 does some very minor code moving, and a
> whole lot of removal.

Is there a timeline for this patch? If it also comes within a few
days, I'll rather wait for it.

cu, WMD.


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