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Hi Dalibor,

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> Archie - do you have the Java incident ids from the issues you have filed
> via

I can only find one of the "Review ID assigned" emails. It was for this

> Compilation failure when overriding clone()
The review ID was JI-9025344, received in October 2015. Nothing else has
been received as of now, though in this case it's only been 4 months (is
that normal or slow?)

I've filed several bugs over the years and have encountered all of the
following scenarios:

  (a) No response received whatsoever (this has happened once or twice)
  (b) Review ID assigned and then no response
  (c) Bug ID assigned, but the link returns "bug is not available"

Here are some examples of (b) and (c):

Review ID JI-9025344
    complier clone() override bug
    no response

Review ID JI-9013936
    Type.toString() bug
    no response

Review ID 2311517
    XMLEventWriter throws FileNotFoundException
    no response

Bug ID 9009951
    Compiler crash - AssertionError
    Bug is not available

Bug ID 9001645
    Javadoc omitting static final fields
    Bug is not available

Review ID 2687453
    StAXResult generates invalid XML
    no response

Review ID 9064468
    Future<?> javadoc clarification
    no response

As you can see, the system makes it pretty hard to get any feedback about
what's going on with the issue, or even to understand what expectations to


Archie L. Cobbs
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