Building on Fedora 6

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu May 10 11:05:55 UTC 2007

Kelly O'Hair writes:

 > Andrew Haley wrote:

 > > Which reminds me: is there any need for JDK 1.6 in all of this?
 > > The used as the source of
 > > the "binary blobs" is a full JDK, is it not?  So it could be used
 > > as the bootstrap JDK -- there's no need for JDK 1.6.
 > > 
 > Officially, we boot from the previous FCS jdk (1.6.0), unofficially,
 > jdk 1.5 or jdk 1.7 would work as a boot jdk.
 > I suppose it may become an issue later if we somehow become dependent
 > on a jdk 1.6 feature that jdk 1.5 won't work, but I don't know of any
 > issue like that on the horizon. A jdk 1.5 might be already available
 > on your system.
 > Using a boot of jdk 1.7 may have some risks, but should in general
 > work.
 > Note that the "binary plugs" are indeed full jdk 7 images right now,
 > but none of the files will have execute permissions.

OK, so I had to

chmod -R +x  /home/aph/openjdk/jdk1.7.0//bin

 > The binary plugs are distributed with a different license that allows
 > their use as 'binary plugs'. I'd probably keep the binary plugs
 > separate from the boot jdk, but that's just me.
 > Also the binary plugs will need to be updated every time you freshen
 > up your openjdk sources, the boot jdk is a pretty static thing.


Anyway, this works Just Fine.  It's only necessary for developers on
GNU/Linux to download jdk-7-ea-plug-b12-linux-amd64-06_may_2007.jar
and gcj is quite capable of
running the self-extracting Jar file.


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