code review rquest: 7094842: jaas/auth test/javax/security/auth/Subject/{,,} loop forever in agentvm mode

Weijun Wang at
Sun Sep 25 17:37:35 PDT 2011

Hi Alan

How did you notice the problem?

Webrev at

Here I change the threads to non-daemon, so that if there is anything 
wrong, there will be a timeout (which sounds better than bringing all 
tests slow).

Although Synch2 is in othervm mode, I change the style also.

*Jon*: shouldn't jtreg kill the daemon threads?

I've submitted a testonly JPRT job on jdk_security3 for this.


On 09/26/2011 03:00 AM, alan.bateman at wrote:
> *Change Request ID*: 7094842
> *Synopsis*: test/javax/security/auth/Subject/{,,} loop forever in agentvm mode
>    Product: java
>    Category: jaas
>    Subcategory: auth
> === *Description* ============================================================
> The following tests are unsuited for running in samevm or agentvm mode:
> test/javax/security/auth/Subject/,
> test/javax/security/auth/Subject/
> test/javax/security/auth/Subject/
> Each of the tests starts a thread that spins forever and this causes all subsequent tests to run very slowly or timeout.
> These tests need to be fixed quickly so that they run in othervm mode. Alternatively a better solution is for the thread to terminate when the test completes.

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