Code Review Request for 7196805: DH Key interoperability testing between SunJCE and JsafeJCE not successful

Wang Weijun at
Mon Jun 17 22:41:55 PDT 2013

> I will also apply the same change to P11DHPrivateKey/P11DHPublicKey then. Equality check using ASN.1 encoding is fine for non-DH algorithms but not for DH.

I cannot read the source codes now, but is it possible to implement the equals method right in the base interface using the JDK 8 default method feature? 

>> For, it looks like you don't want the first octet being zero. Is this related to this bug? Is that required in the "Handbook of Applied Cryptography" book? I understand it could be necessary for interop.
> The change is for conforming to the description under section 7.1 "Private-value generation" of PKCS#3 DH Key Agreement Standard , i.e.
> An integer x, the private value, shall be generated
> privately and randomly. This integer shall satisfy 0<  x<
> p-1, unless the central authority specifies a private-value
> length l, in which case the integer shall satisfy 2^(l-1)<=
> x<  2^l.

Great. I think you can add a reference to pkcs3. The current wording seems to say it's suggested by the Handbook.


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