Java 7u51 / Windows 8.1 / IE11 combination doesn't work

Mickey Segal java3 at
Thu Jan 16 09:42:46 PST 2014

It seems that one of the new security features in Java 7 update 51 is
messing up the Java / Internet Explorer 11 / Windows 8.1 combination, but
other combinations OK.


During installation of Java 7u51, a security dialog pops up: "Do you want to
allow the following program to make changes to your computer? Java SE
Runtime environment 7 Update 51".  Agreeing to this is of course needed to
install Java.  However, after installation, the same dialog pops up.  Until
you agree to the dialog, Java runs fine (e.g., using  Once you agree to the
dialog, Java doesn't work.  


I don't see any settings that can fix that problem.  It doesn't make a
difference whether Internet Options | Security | "Enable protected mode" is
checked during or after installation.  


The problem depends on having each of these 3 components:

*         Windows 8.1

*         Internet Explorer

*         Java 7u51


Swapping out any one of these components fixes the problem.  For example,
all is fine if instead you use Windows 7.  All is fine if instead you use
Firefox or Chrome.  All is fine if instead you use Java 8 build 111.


Does anyone have a workaround for this?


Bugs that involve 3 components are often difficult to get fixed because each
programming group blames the others.  Does anyone have suggestions as the
best way to navigate the process of getting this fixed?

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