Java 7u51 / Windows 8.1 / IE11 combination doesn't work

Mickey Segal java3 at
Fri Jan 17 15:09:35 PST 2014

I reported this as a bug.  For completeness, I will mention here that I got
feedback within minutes that " We have determined that this report is a new
bug and have entered the bug into our bug tracking system".  Unfortunately
since the bug reporter hung for a minute and I pressed submit again I ended
up with two Bug Ids: 9009752 and 9009753.  My experience is that these
instant approvals don't really mean that the bug was accepted and the bug
number gets changed once the bug gets a real human acceptance.     

It is odd that the latest version of Java should fail on the latest version
of the most commonly used browser on the latest version of the most commonly
used operating system.  I would have guessed that would have been a
combination that someone would have tried.  I documented in my report that
various steps such as disabling NOD32 didn't fix the problem.

If anyone has further suggestions please let me know.  Java not working on a
key environment is a problem for all of us, and since it appears to be a
security issue, someone here might have an insight.

Xerxes Rånby [mailto:xerxes at] wrote:

OpenJDK do not contain any of the code used by the closed-source java plugin
to diplay the problematic popups.
The openJDK community is unable to help you unless Oracle decide to
opensource its deployment code and plugin.

I suggest you to file a bug in the Oracle bugtracker.

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