RFR: 8031572: jarsigner -verify exits with 0 when a jar file is not properly signed

Wang Weijun weijun.wang at oracle.com
Tue Jan 21 23:01:18 PST 2014

Hi All

Please take a look at the webrev at


JarVerifier has a flag that separates parsing signatures and verifying other entries. The fix makes sure only signature-related files are processed in the beginning so JarVerifier does not enter the second stage prematurely. Please note that JarInputStream always feeds JarVerifier by natural order so once a non-signatued-related file is processed it goes into verification stage and will not parse a signature anymore.

Maybe a smarter solution is to be *always on alert*, which means at anytime an incoming entry can be anything, so that even if signature-related files appear at the middle of a file, at least those come after them can be treated as signed when opening with a JarInputStream. This will be a huge change to the JarVerifier class and IMHO does not really help much. Also I don’t want to consider it at this final time of JDK 8.

You can also find webrevs for jdk9 and jdk7u at




There are some tiny differences. For 9, the JarVerifier fix needs to be rebased on a language style changeset.  For 7u, there are some differences in the test because of class name change, implicit final, and default method.


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