Jar Verification with Custom Security Provider

Smith, Bill (Tridium) bsmith at tridium.com
Fri Oct 24 00:10:11 UTC 2014

Because of performance issues, we have a security provider that has a native
back end. All the core pieces are implemented (SHA1, SHA256, RSA, DSA,
etc.). However, when I add the new provider to the top of the list in
java.security and start an app with signed jars. My provider isn't used.
Digging through the openjdk code, it appears that JarVerifier refers to
ManifestEntryVerifier and SignatureFileVerifier which has it hard coded to
use the Sun security provider. Does anybody know a way around that? It seems
that this would make it impossible to be FIPS compliant with a certified
security provider, because the code signing verification would still be done
by Sun/SunRsa/SunEC. 


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Tridium, Inc.
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