[9] RFR: JDK-8164322: sun/security/pkcs11/PKCS11Test.java shall be updated to run on ARM platforms

Xuelei Fan xuelei.fan at oracle.com
Tue Sep 27 23:59:36 UTC 2016

On 9/28/2016 2:02 AM, Artem Smotrakov wrote:
> Currently the tests silently quit which looks like they pass. This makes
> people think that everything went smoothly, but actually nothing was
> tested.
I did not get the idea.  Looks like, if no NSS installed, the test would 
be ignored; if NSS get installed, the test is actually get run.  If no 
NSS get installed,  the test should quite silently and test nothing 
because nothing should be tested.  That's the expected common behavior 
in order to test specific configuration.

If you don't want the test quit silently, I may prefer to check the 
platform to install NSS libs rather than update this test cases. 
Exposing the testing environment configuration problem is not the job of 
this test.

> I would prefer to update PKCS11Test to report a failure in case of
> unexpected platform.
Then you need to know all expected platform.  The test is not only run 
in a certain known environment (for example the platforms Mach5 or 
JPRT), it can also be run by third party environment (OpenJDK 
contributors).  If not possible, I think it is a hard job to know all 
the expected platform exactly.


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