RFR 8196215: sun/security/util/Resources/customSysClassLoader/MessageFormatting.java failed on ar_SA locale.

Adam Petcher adam.petcher at oracle.com
Wed Feb 7 19:26:48 UTC 2018

On 2/7/2018 12:33 PM, Sean Mullan wrote:

> This looks fine although I don't really think you need the othervm on 
> line 36; that seems like something that is done separately as part of 
> testing all of the tests on different locales.

I included that line as a regression test for this bug. I would prefer 
to keep it, because it uses a locale that is known to cause problems for 
(earlier versions of) this test. I don't know how common these 
problematic locales are, and how often the test suite is run under them. 
If there is a regression here, it would be nice to know about it before 
release testing.

Do you expect this @run line to cause any problems (other than being 

> --Sean

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