How about a ToolProvider for jarsigner (and maybe keytool)?

Philipp Kunz philipp.kunz at
Wed Feb 27 07:25:32 UTC 2019


Quite a few command line tools are available through
java.util.spi.ToolProvider. But not so jarsigner and keytool. If that
finds some common interest, I'd be glad to contribute a patch or two.

Advantages of having jarsigner and/or keytool available as a tool
(though that could certainly be achieved in another way as well) would
- Explicit Stdin, Stdout, and Stderr as parameters (possible already
now by forking a separate process with the overhead of running the
tools in their own vm)
- Easy prevention of all possible calls to System.exit upon
unfavourable command line paramters (at least with jarsigner, and only
when working with and not with
- Easier to detect whether a jarsigner or keytool tool is available on
the class or module path or not.
- Those who are more familiar with the command line options can use
them also programmatically.

An example seems to be, [1]. Even though only a
test and in that context not actually severe but still not such a bad
example. I figure the following should not happen in real code:
- The tests catches an Exception which is never thrown (especially not
for the reason in the message, "jarsigner not found", I'd expect at
best a NoClassDefFoundError but which would not be caught there).
- Jarsigner ( will call System.exit
instead of throwing an exception (8 occurrences of System.exit in [2])
for certain command line args
- If command line arguments would be specified such that jarsigner
would prompt for input, it would be most probably stuck indefinitely.

I tried to search existing resources about the topic but found almost
nothing, potentially related [3], [4], and [5].

I'm not entirely sure, if java.util.spi.ToolProvider is preferred over (or java.util.ServiceLoader). [7] might be a
hint that java.util.spi.ToolProvider is more current than

An additional point for keytool and jarsigner as opposed to jar, javac,
and other tools is that both jarsigner and keytool can use stdin when
prompting for passwords or maybe X.509 details which is not currently
possible through the api of java.util.spi.ToolProvider and would
require an additional parameter for Stdin such as in [6]. I would
propose that when jarsigner or keytool are invoked without a Stdin that
they throw an exception or return a non-zero exit code as their return
value immediately whenever they would have otherwise waited for input.

Some system properties also have influence on the operation of
jarsigner and possibly keytool (for example user.language and among probably others) which could not
necessarily be set individually for each invocation of a tool gotten by
a ToolProvider but probably that would not be necessary in many cases

Just like [3] sounds according to its subject, already has a useful API, so the need
for a ToolProvider is probably not that big. The current API, however, expects a key or
certificate or chain of certificates to be provided through the API and
therefore does not leverage the jarsigner and keytool command line
tools' keystore accessing features and aliases. I also don't see how it
would provide a possibility to verify a signed JAR but that could as
well be achieved in another way than with a ToolProvider.

It might be a bit of a challenge to catch all System.out and System.err
such as in or or from whatever provider classes involved with
algorithms loaded with "-providerClass" or "-altsigner" arguments. One
conceivable approach might be the one used in the compiler with a
context object holding references to Stdout and Stderr. What I don't
like for now in the attached patch is that wrapping System.out or
System.err PrintStreams into PrintWriters is repeated a few times and I
wonder if that could be refactored or recombined into another
PrintWriter constructor or PrintStream.toPrintWriter or something...

So far I haven't found an overview over all the tools available through
java.util.spi.ToolProvider other than the example in ToolProvider#name
or other documentation that might have to be updated with introducing
jarsigner as a tool.

Also I wonder if Stdin/ should be added to the ToolProvider
interface or a run method with only args that takes Stdin, Stdout, and
Stderr from, System.out, and System.err but I guess that can
be discussed independently.

Attached is a patch with JarSignerToolProvider that provides jarsigner
as a tool. It's not yet meant as ready to merge but shows that it is
possible and more or less how big the change is.

I'm not really familiar at all with the processes involved with such a
proposal and would appreciate greatly any kind of guidance. Was
this mailing list the right place to propose it?


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