JEP411: Missing use-case: Monitoring / restricting libraries

Ron Pressler ron.pressler at
Thu May 13 10:00:28 UTC 2021

> On 13 May 2021, at 10:32, Peter Firmstone <peter.firmstone at> wrote:
> So it targets 17.

I don’t know. I think that’s still TBD, but perhaps others know more.

> It would be nice to have certainty about which release it will be removed from, for planning purposes.   Again it would seem that this isn't a consideration of OpenJDK.

It very much is, which is why we have the deprecation and removal policy. Please
read the JEP carefully. In addition to deprecation and removal, this JEP also proposes
an interim step of degradation prior to removal. Removal, as the JEP says, will only 
be done once it no longer poses a big compatibility threat. At the fastest pace possible
removal is more than a year away, though it will likely be longer than that.

> Is there an OpenJDK community project group that maintains older Java versions I can join?

Yes, that would be the Updates Project.

— Ron

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