RFR: 1433: The change of the CSR status doesn't force the CheckWorkItem to re-run the check [v2]

Erik Joelsson erikj at openjdk.java.net
Mon Jun 6 08:12:57 UTC 2022

On Wed, 1 Jun 2022 09:39:14 GMT, Guoxiong Li <gli at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> bots/pr/src/main/java/org/openjdk/skara/bots/pr/CSRCommand.java line 37:
>>> 35:     private static final String CSR_LABEL = "csr";
>>> 36:     private static final String CSR_NEEDED_MARKER = "<!-- csr: 'needed' -->";
>>> 37:     private static final String CSR_UNNEEDED_MARKER = "<!-- csr: 'unneeded' -->";
>> Did you intend to look for this in the CSRBot?
>> (optionally) use command /csr needed again
>> (optionally) then the CheckWorkItem also doesn't re-run the check
> Sometimes the developers may use the `/csr` command again. I would like to let the CheckWorkItem re-run the check immediately instead of waiting for JEPBot, which may reduce about 10 minutes.

I don't understand what you mean. You set these markers, but I don't see anything looking for them.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/skara/pull/1327

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