review request for 7008713: diamond conversion of kerberos5 and security tools

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Thu Dec 23 11:42:07 PST 2010

On 12/22/10 6:19 PM, Brad Wetmore wrote:
>> Using the diamond operator definitely makes the code *shorter*. Whether
>> it's *better* doesn't necessarily follow from that. In most cases,
>> though, using diamond is better, I think.
>> I'd be curious if you saw any instances where you thought that it would
>> be better not to use diamond. It's not a requirement to use diamond
>> everywhere possible. That's one of the points of this exercise, which is
>> to put the new language features through their paces on real code, and
>> to see how well it works out.
> Ok, with this answer, the question I asked earlier could potentially apply. The
> change made it a little more confusing to me.
> Brad

Hi Brad,

Did you have any issues with 7008713, or can I just go ahead and push it? There 
are some interesting issues you raised with 7005608, which I'll discuss on that 



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