RFR(S): 8165689: Fix module dependencies for sun/security/pkcs11/* tests

Sean Mullan sean.mullan at oracle.com
Wed Sep 14 16:57:54 UTC 2016

Thanks for the information. It would be very useful if you could add 
that additional information as an example into the bug report for future 


On 09/14/2016 11:26 AM, Sergei Kovalev wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> I'm working for testing minimal JRE image. If I create custom JRE with
> java.base only - the tests fail. To emulate such behavior we can use
> "--limit-modules java.base" option. In case if we have no module
> declaration in tests header the test fails with, e.g. ClassNotFound
> exception (see example in attached log). In case we declare appropriate
> modules in jtreg header then jtreg suite skip the test and mark it "not
> run" in final report. This help me to clean out all "false positive"
> error during testing and reduce time that I spend to failures analysis.
> 14.09.16 18:20, Sean Mullan wrote:
>> Looks fine to me, but can you explain in more detail why the extra
>> dependencies are needed, or an example using --limit-modules? These
>> tests are not failing regularly now, so when do the missing
>> dependencies cause failures?
>> Thanks,
>> Sean
>> On 09/13/2016 08:34 AM, Sergei Kovalev wrote:
>>> Hello team,
>>> This is re-request for review of very small changes. Could somebody take
>>> a look?
>>> 08.09.16 17:03, Sergei Kovalev wrote:
>>>> Hello team,
>>>> Could you please review the fix for below CR:
>>>> Bug ID: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8165689
>>>> WebRev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~skovalev/8165689/webrev.00/
>>>> Goal: make test possible to run with "--limit-modules" flag.
>>>> Summary: added @modules tag into jtreg header if applicable.

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